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The Hughson Group has a complete line of vacuum and sweeper trucks for rental including water trucks and dump trucks. We recently completed all the sweeping for a highway maintenance contract in Ottawa utilizing our fleet of sweepers, vac trucks and water truck. Hughson also has a complete line of rock drilling equipment able to drill holes in solid rock from 6 inches to 24 inches in diameter to a depth of 20 feet. In addition, Hughson has 3 hydraulic rotary drills that can drill holes in earth and shale up to 60 inches in diameter and over 40 feet deep with one drill being able to drill with only 17 feet of head room.

In addition, Hughson has mobile work zone trailers, crash trucks and snow removal equipment for rent as well as a 55 ton float.

Hughson is the only local company with access to drilling equipment requiring only 17 feet of head room.

  • Mobile Barrier Units
  • Buffer Vehicles (Crash Truck)
  • Hydro Excavating Service (Daylighting)
  • Auger Truck (Earth and Rock)