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Hughson has provided fencing and guiderail installation services on many provincial and municipal contracts throughout eastern Ontario for over 30 years. Guiderail installations include 3 cable guiderail, high tension guiderail and steel beam guide rail including all required safety end treatments. Hughson became the first contractor to install high tension guiderail in eastern Ontario and continues to install HTGR on many provincial contracts. As Hughson is a flexible and diverse company, we complete many emergency repairs on all 400 series highways in eastern Ontario in order to keep Canada’s busiest highway moving.

Hughson provides many fencing options including page wire fence, chain link fence and security fence. Aside from normal fence installations, Hughson has completed many complex projects such as drilling for the security fence at the new Department of National Defence building in Ottawa and providing barrier mounted chain link fence for Parks Canada. Hughson has also completed a very complex chain link fence project on 2 islands for the Thousand Island Bridge Authority at the Thousand Islands International Bridge. This work involved placing chain link fence on 2 islands to protect 2 piers and required us to work from a barge.

With the importance of protecting species at risk, Hughson has also installed many types of temporary and permanent road side wildlife fences, as well as bird nesting structures and bird nesting preventative measures. We have constructed many permanent wild life fences on Highways 401, 15 and 41 as well as well as temporary fences in those same locations.

In a support role to Hughson Barriers, Hughson Fencing and Guiderail installs many types of anti-glare screening and chain link fencing on temporary barrier walls and fences.

  • Chain Link
  • Post and Rail
  • Page Wire
  • Anti-Glare
  • Steel Post SBGR (Steel Beam Guide Rail)
  • Wood Post SBGR (Steel Beam Guide Rail)
  • Thrie Beam Guide Rail
  • Wood Post 3 Cable Guide Rail, and Anchor Blocks
  • Median Mount Box Beam
  • Side Mount Box Beam