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Hughson has completed foundation drilling on many large projects in eastern Ontario. Hughson constructed over 400 overhead catenary pole foundations for the Trillium Line in Ottawa as well as 60 overhead catenary pole footings at the Bombardier test facility in Millhaven. In addition, Hughson has completed many overhead tri chord and cantilever sign footings on highways 401 and 417 as well as installing the signs upon foundation completion. Hughson has installed over 30 overhead freeway signs in Ottawa and 7 in the Kingston area as well as an overhead gantry sign at the Canadian border crossing at the Thousand Islands. Hughson has a complete line of drilling equipment including a 600mm down the hole rock hammer, a Delmag RH12 hydraulic drill as well as a low head room Soil Tec hydraulic drill.

Hughson has provided roadway and ground protection for bridge and building construction. We completed centerline roadway protection for the construction of bridges in Crosby, Madoc and Ashton and soldier pile and lagging for the construction of the new Opinicon Lodge.

  • Electrical Foundations
  • Caisson Construction
  • Micropiles
  • Rock Anchors
  • Rock Auguring (various diameters)